I’ve decided to give fiverr a try.

I browsed through the illustration section for a bit and found quite a few I like. I wasn’t sure how to ask for what I wanted, so I decide to go to the «Requests» section and made an offer.

I need a visual representation of a gamepad that can show when a gamepad component is being modified. I intend to adapt the illustration and it’s component parts to work in a controller testing application.

I set the budget to $100, and the delivery window to 7 days. I’ve never used fiverr before: I’m really curious to see how this turns out.

For some reason the site posted before I was completely ready and doesn’t give the user any ability to edit an offer. The typos above made it in.

The blurb box capped out at 300 characters, so I added the following as an attachment:


Visual Representations

I need a visual representation of a gamepad that can show when:

  • A button is being pressed.
    • There are 4 standard buttons: A, B, X and Y.
    • There are 2 special buttons: «Start» and «Select».
    • There are 2 shoulder buttons: L1, and L2.
  • A joystick is being moved.
    • A joystick may also be «clicked» or pressed in. I need to be able to represent this as well.
  • It needs to show when the shoulder buttons are being pressed.
  • It needs to show when the triggers are being pulled.
    • Triggers can be partially pulled in. I need to be able to represent this.
  • It needs to be able to indicate when the D-pad is being pressed.
    • On some gamepad types, the dpad is situated where the button opposite a pressed dpad button can not also be pressed. On some it can. I will need to be able to represent either case.


  • I only need static images.
    • A description of motion is fine.
    • Motion can be something moving over, rotation, being hidden and revealed, or being enlarged or shrunk.
  • I will need image components, so that I can apply animation to them.
  • If you need an image component to change, I need both parts as components.
  • The source PSD would satisfy most of the content requirements.

Non Requirements

  • Activated buttons/components do not need to be shown activated in place. It only needs to be clear what component is being activated or used.
  • An Xbox One Gamepad is the de-facto gamepad.
    • The gamepad represented doesn’t have to be any particular brand gamepad.
    • The gamepad should not use any official company logos.
  • You can choose to display buttons by name or not.
  • As long as what is happening on the gamepad is clearly represented, feel free to take artistic license with the work.
    • Text is not required. e.g. «Start» and «Select» do not need to contain the words «Start» and «Select».