Sat, Apr 15, 2017

I started a project intending to answer a few questions:

  • How feasible is it to run c++ and opengl in the browser at reasonable frame rates?
  • How much performance will need to be sacrificed?
  • What features, compared to running native code on the desktop, won’t work?
  • What missing functionality can be worked around or at least partially restored?

Sun, Jun 12, 2016
Motiviation The latest version of qt in the raspian package repo is 5.3.2. The latest release of qt is version 5.7. A lot of nice features and changes have come to qt since 5.3.2 was release on 2014-09-16. The qt that ships with raspbian also expects to run inside of X11. While not inherently a bad thing, if you want to make a fullscreen kiosk program and have no need for a desktop environment, you can get back a non trivial amount of the available 512MB of ram, and also get a chunk of bootup time back.

Fri, Jun 10, 2016
I’ve decided to give fiverr a try. I browsed through the illustration section for a bit and found quite a few I like. I wasn’t sure how to ask for what I wanted, so I decide to go to the «Requests» section and made an offer. I need a visual representation of a gamepad that can show when a gamepad component is being modified. I intend to adapt the illustration and it’s component parts to work in a controller testing application.

Wed, Jun 8, 2016
Xbox One retail kits are fully capable of running Microsoft’s UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps, and QT5 is capable of running in UWP (also known as winrt) mode. This includes running hardware accelerated QML and native/Qt C++. Get Your Xbox One Setup Install the «Dev Mode Activation» App from app store Run it. The xbox will reboot a few times and download a future firmware. Mostly wait and click through the installers.

Wed, Jun 8, 2016

C++ Hello World

#include <iostream>

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    std::cout << "Hello, World!" << std::endl;
    return 0;